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Santa Fe Indian School

Seniors Corner


SHP Virtual Symposium

  Senior Tribe Title
  Manuel Abeyta-Ayala  Ohkay Owingeh/Mexican  Preserving Traditional Lifestyles
  Daniel Arquero  Pueblo of Cochiti  Native Youth Using Technology 
  David Arquero Pueblo of Cochiti The Benefits of Sports
  Janelle Atencio  Ohkay Owingeh  Alcohol's Effects: The Outcome 
  Guadalupe Calabaza Pueblo of Santo Domingo  Health and Wellness: Cattle Management through Proper Nutrition and Vaccinations
  Clayton Casiquito  Pueblo of Jemez  Support systems for students who've lost parents
  Autumn Charley Navajo Nation Crown Point Agency Eastern Navajo  Meme Therapy for Stressed High School Students at SFIS 


Avery Conners  Pueblo of Ohkay Owingeh  Reconnecting to Culture through the Arts and Education

Ronnie Coriz Pueblo of Santo Domingo  Climate Change 
Sean Cruz-Duran  Pueblo of Tesuque Modernism in Pueblo communities
Iris Emery  Pueblo of Santo Domingo Healthy Lives, Healthy Culture:Running in Santo Domingo
Cole Gachupin Pueblo of Jemez Indigenous Life & Climate Stress 
Andrell Garcia Pueblo of Santo Domingo Mental Health
Amber Honyumptewa Pueblo of Tesuque Is Technology Hurting our Social Relationships? 
Seneca Johnson  Muscogee (Creek) Nation Intergenerational Trauma and Healing
Manisha Khawas  Pueblo of San Juan/San Carlos Apache  MMIW and What's Been Done 
Britney Lovato Pueblo of Santo Domingo Does Bullying Affect All Family Members
Miranda Lujan Ohkay Owingeh Tackling the Epidemic: Opioid Addiction 
Franki Maestas-Chavez  Pueblo of San Juan  Community Health Center 
Lauren Maestas Chavez Pueblo of San Juan The Alternative: Solar Sustainability
Kiera Mermejo-Varga Pueblo of Picuris "Show me the money": Inequity of Sports Funding
Ty Moquino Pueblo of Santa Clara How is pottery is important to Santa Clara?
Naranjo, Alyssa R Alyssa Naranjo  Pueblo of Santa Ana  Why Not Me?: Favoritism in Sports
Henry Natonabah  Navajo Nation Crown Point Agency Eastern Navajo  Striving for a Hybrid Identity 
Kateri Pino Pueblo of Zia  Language Revitalization Among Youth in Zia 
Harlan Quintana Pueblo of Cochiti Microplastics in the Rio Grande
Shaun Riley Pueblo of Laguna Box Car Barbers: The Ties to Identity
Kyran Romero Pueblo of Jemez Why?: A Dive into Intellectual Curiosity
Alyssa Shije Pueblo of Santo Domingo, Santa Clara, and Aztec Global Awareness on Climate Change
Leora Tenorio Pueblo of Santo Domingo and San Felipe  A Chance to Make a Wrong a Right: Restorative Justice in Native Communities
Rhieannon Thomas Navajo Nation Crown Point Agency Eastern Navajo Alcoholism among Native Americans 
Alecxander Trujillo Pueblo of Taos Language Preservation in Taos
Lourdes Trujillo  Pueblo of Cochiti  Art Therapy 
Kalena Villa Pueblo of Jemez  Alzheimers Disease in Jemez
Lauren Vigil Pueblo of Tesuque Native American Female Leadership Trends
  Francis Velasquez  San Felipe Pueblo  The Role of Cultural Practices in Protecting the Natural Resources in San Felipe Pueblo 


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