Santa Fe Indian School

Student Life

Middle School Evening Program

Program Overview

Evening ClassesMiddle School (MS) Student Living has a strong philosophy regarding student development within the dorms in the middle school age range. The MS Student Living educators work closely with the Academic Program to provide a comprehensive support system for students outside of the classroom that reinforces academic and life skills.

MS has developed a curriculum around six key components identified by Student Living and school staff. Workshops are provided for students within the dormitories on each of these components that SFIS believes contributes to health student development:

  1. My Support System: Identifies with students their support system for academics, dorm life and home
  2. COA—“Living a Lie:” Focuses on providing support and mentoring for Children of Alcoholics (COA)
  3. Alcohol-Drug Related Issues: Working with multimedia to provoke discussion and ongoing awareness about alcohol and drugs
  4. Safe Dating: Although Middle School policy does not allow dating at this level, students learn about what to expect from dating
  5. Marijuana Papers/Inhalants: Focuses on marijuana and other substances that form destructive trends
  6. Rumors/Respect: Works with students on health relationships, friendships, reputations and the destructive tendencies promoted by rumors

MS also strongly promotes an anti-bullying campaign viewed as vital to student awareness and development. Middle School students are also asked to sign an anti-bullying pledge that clearly identifies bullying consequences at SFIS.

In addition to celebrating national holidays in a festive manner with students, the MS Student Living also hosts special events that tie into nationwide events, like Red Ribbon Week in October and Child Abuse Prevention in April.

Evening Program Classes are offered once a week and include a variety of programs for students. Courses include:

  • Beaded Jewelry Making
  • Battle of the Books – Use of Kindles
  • Country Western Dance
  • Exercise/Fitness Training
  • Fine Arts for Children
  • GUTS
  • Hook rugs
  • Life Skills – Students in Counseling
  • Plastic Canvas
  • Pillow Making
  • Pottery
  • Traditional Jewelry Making