Santa Fe Indian School

Student Wellness

Meet our Staff

Robert Abeyta, is from Santa Clara Pueblo. Robert is the school’s new Food Services Coordinator.Since being hired in December 2021, Robert’s favorite Part of working here at SFIS is he appreciates the staff how helpful they have been to him. It is nice to hear the students saying “Thank You” it makes his team of cooks feel good and appreciated. The most important part of working at SFIS is that it feels like family.   

Robert shared that it has been a change for him coming from an elementary school and now working at SFIS.  It has been very interesting to see all the different personalities and enjoys seeing some all grown up as teens that left the elementary school. Teens here are very respectful and to me that comes from a very strong dedicated staff. Robert enjoys running, hiking and being with family and taking long runs to help clear his mind and relax to maintain his health.

Amy Suina, is from Cochit Pueblo. Amy is a Culinary Specialist II.   

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Gerald Allen Rosetta is from Santo Domingo (Kewa) Pueblo and is a Culinary Specialist II. Gerald’s favorite part of working at SFIS is cooking for the students and watching the kids enjoy the meal he has prepared for them. Gerald understands the importance of investing in our students and providing healthy nutritious meals is an important aspect of a student’s life. Gerald enjoys working as a cook, farming, and doing cultural art such as bone and leather work. Gerald maintains he wellness by relying on his cultural background to keep himself in a good sense of well-being.

Gerald has been with SFIS for 24 years. Gerald’s motto is “Feed them with Love, from your heart”

 Gerald has received a “Certificate of Appreciation” In recognition of his dedication and outstanding contributions to the SFIS on May 13, 2004, from the SFIS Key Club.  On May 10, 2002, Gerald received a “Certificate of Appreciation” In recognition of valuable contribution to SFIS Parent Advisory Council. Gerald also received a recognition award from the Santo Domingo Veterans Association on December 18, 2002, for support in helping to make the dedication of the Veterans Center possible.    

Faye Bailon is from the Kewa Pueblo. Faye is a Culinary Specialist II. Faye’s passion is working w/food and feeding health meals to students. Her favorite thing about working at SFIS is Wellness Fridays working with students’ hands on training on the topic of food. Faye’s interest is working on new recipe ideas by adding more vegetables to share with students and staff. Faye maintains her own wellness by healthy eating and staying active. 

She is a proud parent of a 2015 SFIS ALUMN, her daughter is currently serving the US as a sergeant at KIRTLAND AIRFORCE BASE.


Charlotte Casuse is from the Navajo Nation. Charlotte is a Culinary Specialist II. 

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Photo of James Padilla is coming soon..

James Padilla, is from the San Felipe Pueblo. James is a Culinary Specialist I. James favorite part of working at SFIS is coming in preparing healthy meals for our kids so they can go on with their day of learning. His favorite thing about working with teens a SFIS if witnessing the student’s growth and development, seeing them from start to finish.

James enjoys the outdoors, playing softball and he maintains his own wellness by taking daily walks and playing sports. James is a proud parent of a SFIS student.

Evren J. Martinez is from the Santa Clara Pueblo.  Evren is a Culinary Specialist I.

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Kyra Vallo, is from Cochiti Pueblo. Kyra's position is a Culinary Specialist I. Kyra's favorite part of working at SFIS is providing a clean environment for our students in cafeteria and working with my coworkers. Her favorite thing about working with teens is interacting with students on a daily bases. Getting compliments on food services and hearing students and staff saying thank you goes a long way. Kyra enjoys reading in her spare time and likes to getting fresh air by taking family walks. Kyra has been working with in food services for over 12 years.