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The academic program at SFIS includes the high school program and the middle school program. The high school program, under the supervision of the high school principal, and the middle school program, under the supervision of the middle school principal, both provide a strong academic preparation for future endeavors with support from other initiatives to enrich student educational experiences. Academic goals focus on graduating students who are college and career ready, while maintaining Native American cultural values, building strong partnerships with both students and their parents, providing safe learning environments for students and staff, improving communication among stakeholders, and maintaining academic accreditation as one measure of the school’s commitment to scholastic achievement.

High School Achievements

The high school consistently strives toward success and students and faculty have achieved success in the following areas:

  • Effective preparation for statewide and national assessment
  • Strong college preparation, including ACT testing, information and outreach
  • High numbers of Gates Millennium Scholars awarded
  • Local, national and international recognition for exemplary programs like Spoken Word
  • State and local policy impact made via student research in the Senior Honors Project, Community Based Education and Agriscience programs

At the middle school, extremely dedicated faculty and staff work to provide experiences to students that focuses on a quality educational experience in and out of school, including cultivating positive behavior and effective preparation for high school.

Middle School Achievements

The middle school aims to be the very best in Indian education, and is able to enjoy several key areas of success with students:

  • Effective preparation for assessments marking student achievement in reading, math, writing and science
  • Strong school and community evening academic assistance for students
  • Excellent academic and athletic extracurricular programs
  • Valuable professional development for staff

In addition, both the High School and Middle School prides themselves on strong communication between school and communities:

  • Pueblo Governors, Board Members, parents, Directors, and other staff members receive a copy of a bi-monthly newsletter
  • Student and parent ownership for academic success via parental participation and NASIS training
  • Meetings are held with each class to apprise students of their academic progress
  • Institutional research is conducted regularly