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Ink It

Ink ItThe Ink It Club was established at SFIS in 2009.  The club encourages and cultivates student artistic expression in publications throughout the year.  Ink It is a student-run creative outlet for students. Any students who are interested in participating on the Ink It editorial team are welcome to attend meetings. Students self-select into various responsibilities related to the goal of publishing the Ink It issue(s). Editors are generally students who are most devoted and willing to put in the time to producing the publication.

The Ink It student staff solicits submissions for art, writing, photography and other creative art forms from the student body. The student editors and staff review all submissions, and faculty assists with editing and liaising with students who have submitted work. Students themselves create the publication layout and receive valuable training in In-Design and Photoshop.

Future goals for Ink It include increasing publication of issues and obtaining support to sponsor student attendance at local and national conferences to share their work and to learn from other student-driven publications. 

Ink It accepts student staff members on a rolling basis and welcomes student submissions that include a variety of expressive forms, including graphic design and graf (graffiti) art.

Download the latest issue of Ink It »

The faculty advisor for Ink It is Carol O’Keefe.

For more information on how to become a member or submit student work, please contact the faculty advisor.