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Student Services

The SFIS Administrative Services office provides a number of services for the school, including students. Three services that parents and students should know about are the following:

Registration Fee

The SFIS Board of Trustees approved the SFIS registration fee. Currently, the cost of registration is $50 per student, per school year. For more than one child, parents pay a deducted amount. For example, registration for the first child is $50, $25 for the second, $10 for the third, and the fourth child is free. The registration fee is used administratively by SFIS to assist in the costs of the Admissions Office, including transcript costs, report cards and testing fees. 

At the end of the school year, parents should inquire at Administrative Services regarding their child’s balance (if applicable). Balances typically include:

  • Any and all unpaid registration fees due
  • Student responsibility for lost textbooks
  • Student responsibility for lost library books

Student Bank

Administrative Services operates a Student Bank, which functions like any other banking institution. Although there is no interest, there are no fees and no minimum deposit to hold an account. Parents, family members, friends and students themselves can make deposits for students who can access those funds while at SFIS. In addition to having funds while at school, students also hold total accountability and learn financial responsibility as they manage their funds. In order to create an account or to make a deposit for your student, follow these simple steps:

  • Send check or money order to Administrative Services, Santa Fe Indian School, PO Box 5340, Santa Fe, NM 87502, or bring in a deposit in person
  • Do not send cash
  • On the check or money order, write the student’s name and their account number

Once a deposit is made, the student receives a copy of the deposit slip.

Sending Mail/Packages to Students

Administrative Services also oversees all mail intakes for SFIS. As a boarding school program, parents can send all mail/packages to their children following this process:

  • Write the student’s name on the letter or package
  • Send to Administrative Services, Santa Fe Indian School, PO Box 5340, Santa Fe, NM 87502, or bring in a deposit in person

All mail is logged on a daily basis, and students are notified when they have mail so that they can come to Administrative Services and sign for and pick up their mail/packages.