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Dear Students, Staff, Families, Community Members and Santa Fe Indian School Trustees,

This is an extremely anxious time for our community as we come close to the end of the spring semester here at Santa Fe Indian School (SFIS); I thought I would share my thoughts around commitment with you. A goal, as I serve as Superintendent of SFIS, is to help people get to know me. I did want to share with you my understanding of what commitment means.

I see commitment every day in the work of our staff, the support of our community, and the dreams of the students we serve. It is fueled by a strong sense of community and caring which connects each and every one of us to our children and the people who are partners in this work. Commitment starts at the top with our School Board Trustees and flows throughout the organization. Commitment is cemented by a vision of what's best for children and improving our community and world through a high-quality education.

I know these past months have been a high learning curve for me, and I am grateful that stakeholders are engaged in helping forge a strong positive transition of leadership. This is due to commitment. I am also encouraged, that my education of SFIS Culture and Traditions has been respectful and reflective. This speaks to the fact that relationships matter, and we are committed to keeping them when we help each other as we move to make our educational understanding and delivery stronger. Committed means that we don't settle for status quo, but we are constantly seeking ways to improve and make things better. However, I do want to publically share my core commitments to the SFIS community. I am committed to:

» being here for the long haul,

» implementing open, timely, transparent communication,

» approaching problems with a creative, collaborative, and positive approach,

» treating each individual with respect and asking for the same,

» monitoring fiscal resources carefully, » investing in staff across the organization,

» keeping our students at the center of our work.

As a new superintendent with our organization, I am extremely pleased even more than I had imagined. I am appreciative of the self-reflection and learning that has been afforded me. Though sometimes difficult and challenging, I am confident that we will grow from my experience intermingled with those I work with and use our collaborative expertise to improve our budgeting, communications, community engagement, and instructional practices.

I am committed to serving the SFIS community with my best thinking, full energy, and fostering partnerships and productive relationships.


Roy Herrera, Superintendent