Santa Fe Indian School

Student Life


How can I add someone to my child’s check-out list?

Usually authorized adults may be added to the check-out form in person. However, during emergencies, the Director or Middle School Coordinator may authorize an addition to the list by phone.

My child lost his room key. How much will it cost to replace?

Lost keys will be replaced for $5.00. Remember, SFIS is not liable for stolen or lost items, so it is important that your child have his or her keys and report any missing keys as soon as possible.

My child wants to change rooms or roommates. What needs to be done?

The Student Living Advisor assigns rooms and roommates at the beginning of the year and will make periodic changes based on room availability, behavior, cleanliness, etc. Talk to the SLA on your son or daughter’s floor about any situations that may need to be resolved through room changes.

If my child is out of the dorm for a while, will they lose their room?

Students must make prior arrangements if they are temporarily switching to Day status through the Admissions Office to ensure that rooms are not reassigned to other students.

Is it really important to keep my daughter in the dorms for most of the week?

Yes. Our funding is dependent upon students staying in the dorms for at least four nights out of the week beginning on Sunday night. So it is important to return your daughter the day before classes start, rather than the morning of.

Where do I send mail/packages to my child?

Our address is: Santa Fe Indian School, PO Box 5340, Santa Fe, NM 87502. All mail intake, including packages, is handled by Administrative Services that notifies students of any mail delivery.

My phone number or address has changed. Who should I notify?

Contact Admissions at 505-989-6370 to make any address/contact information changes. Also notify your child’s floor staff in the dorms as soon as possible.

How is Study Hall organized?

Study Hall is an important component of the Student Living Program. Students are assigned to classrooms if needed, but the majority of students are allowed to study in their own rooms for about one to two hours Sunday through Thursday nights. Students also have a wide range of study options depending on their preference or situation. Athletes, for example, may be required to attend “Athletic Study Hall” monitored by their coaches. The Library Media Center (LMC) is also open for students, and computer labs are available. Tutors and staff make rounds on the floors for any additional help needed.

How do I make the change from dorm student to day student, and vice versa?

The parent or guardian must write a letter to Admissions requesting the change. The status change is dependent upon the availability of space either in the dorms or on the bus.