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The spring season is a great time to start healthy eating habits. Try this recipe for healthy and delicious snack provided by Faye Bailo, SFIS Food Services Cook. 

Avocado Toast - items needed, one ripe avocado, two slices of bread, slices of swiss cheese and a simple salad. 






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Health Snack Recipe


Blue Corn Mush w/fresh fruit or jelly

 Roasted Blue Cornmeal 3c

Juniper Ash 1ts

Water 3c

Any fresh fruit or jelly 

Asst. Nuts (optional)

 In a medium pot boil 2c of water for about 15min. Pour the remaining 1c cold water into a small mixing bowl add blue cornmeal and juniper ash mix well and pour into the boiling hot water mix well with a wooden spoon until it turns into mush. Serve in dessert cups add your favorite fruit or jelly and nut. Serve hot or cold. 

ENJOY !!!!