Santa Fe Indian School

Student Life

Dorm Life

What to Expect

SFIS Dorm LifeLiving in a dormitory is a great way to interact with many different people. Your roommate may be someone who speaks a different language, or is from a community far away. Dorm life is also a way to experience independent living and the skills that come with this that will ultimately help you to learn how to live on your own while contributing to your community. Each student is expected to keep their rooms clean on a daily basis and to keep the dorms and surrounding areas clean by performing chores or details.

What is in Your Room

Depending on the configuration of your room, you may have one or two roommates. Each student has a bed, which has drawers for clothes beneath them. Each student also has a closet with hardware for locks.

Overall room apperanceTwo rooms share a bathroom, which either has a shower, a bathtub or a handicap accessible shower and a toilet. The occupants of these two rooms share the responsibility to maintain and keep the shared bathroom clean and hygienic. A vanity—a counter-like shelf containing a washbasin with drawers underneath—is provided in each room. Each vanity also has a mirror and medicine cabinet to store toiletries.

The rooms also contain student desks with lamps for each occupant, shelves for personal items and a cork strip to hang posters and information.

What to Bring

Students should bring the following:

  • Bedding: Twin-sized sheets and a pillowcase (2 sets), pillow(s), bedspread and blanket
  • Toiletries: Toothpaste, toothbrush, brush or comb, shampoo, lotion, body or foot powders, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, shaving supplies, facial tissue, bath soap
  • Towels: Bath towels, hand towels and washcloths (2 sets)
  • School clothes: Clothes that follow the Dress & Appearance Code, including causal and dress clothes, gym shoes, gym clothes, a warm coat and a light jacket and underclothing
  • Laundry supplies: Detergent, laundry basket or bag, fabric softener, clothes hangers
  • Personal supplies: Clothes iron, curling iron, blow dryer
  • General supplies: Notebook and loose leaf paper, pencils and pens, tape, 3-ring binder, scissors, small wastebasket, plastic eating utensils