Santa Fe Indian School


High School

Rosetta, Faith

Welcome to High School 

Santa Fe Indian School is a unique place with core values, beliefs and behavioral expectations that reflect the Native American communities that we represent and serve. These values and expectations extend into the curriculum and the classrooms with the understating that our teachers are engaging the future leaders of our communities for the purposes of continuing Native American cultures, languages, and communities.

With this in mind, we recruit, train and retain the best teachers, faculty and staff. We offer culturally appropriate curriculum that asks students and teachers to consider the topics that we refer to as the 10 Elements. These include: art, language, health, land/cultural preservation, law and jurisprudence, economic and community development, environment, family, education, and governance.  In addition to this, we offer courses towards graduation in Native languages, college credit and career certification, and Advanced Placement. We deliver units of instruction in collaboration with tribal communities so that students are learning about the issues challenging communities and solutions that advance those same communities. We offer rigorous college and career support and we are truly invested in the success of each of our students, with a 98% graduation rate.

Our webpage offers more detailed information about our programs and we encourage you to inquire about enrollment or opportunities to discuss programming.


Faith Rosetta, High School Principal