Santa Fe Indian School


High School

Rosetta, Faith

Faith Rosetta, Principal

She wrote in her school profile:

" teaching philosophy is really a learning philosophy that life in the classroom and school is just one of many places where learning takes place. There is so much knowledge students bring to school and the classroom, and my job is to help them use that knowledge to learn more and practice being successful so that as they grow they have had the experience of success and will make good choices. Reading my students’ reading journals is eye-opening. When I see that the students are able to make connections between what they are reading and their own lives, I know learning is taking place. I know students are going to go out into life and show their empathy and solve problems for themselves and the world. 

Indian Education is my passion. The education of Native Americans is a unique history and has an amazing future ahead of itself. My research interests also express this passion. Ultimately, my passion is learning, not just my own learning but also my daughter’s learning and my students’ learning. 

We tell the students to take care of their school, that this is a beautiful place to be. We have so much here and we are all blessed with these wonderful buildings, classrooms, computers, and books. Therefore, I can only desire success and happiness for our students."