Santa Fe Indian School

Student Life

Community Expectations

Community RulesThe following are general community rules that students are expected to follow as part of the Student Living Program and for all students who attend SFIS.

Student expectations and responsibilities: Students are expected to keep their dorm rooms, classrooms, lockers and other assigned areas clean and in order. Students also have the responsibility to help maintain our home by keeping it clean and free of litter

Drug/Alcohol Policy

SFIS believes the use or possession of alcohol or other drugs by students to be a great offense because of the harm it inflicts on individuals and community. Drugs and alcohol also interfere with healthy adolescent development. We are an alcohol and drug-free campus. The possession and use of drugs and alcohol is forbidden on campus. Trafficking or selling drugs/alcohol is an automatic dismissal from the school.

Hazing and Bullying

SFIS does not permit hazing or related behavior among students. Hazing is defined as “harassing, intimidating or coercing another student with the purpose or result of embarrassment, disturbance or humiliation.”

Bullying is defined as inflicting physical, verbal or emotional abuse on another individual or individuals, including but not limited to: physical violence and attacks, verbal taunts, name-calling and put-downs, threats and intimidation, extortion or unpermitted taking of money or possessions, ostracization and exclusion from the peer group.

The purpose of our policy is to provide a measure of safety and civility upon which all members of the community can depend. One of the goals of the SFIS community is to encourage the development of good judgment and character so students can reflect these qualities. When they do not, the school must intervene to protect other students. Hazing and bullying are not tolerated at the Santa Fe Indian School.

Personal Behavior

Community living requires certain personal obligations and responsibilities that promote a healthy, safe and comfortable environment. We expect students to have respect for oneself, other students, staff and guests.

Public displays of affection: There is never a right time to display conduct of a sexual nature in public, and certainly not at school. Repeated public displays of affection may be considered disorderly conduct.