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Summer School

High School Credit Recovery/Summer School 2021

This summer we have decided to take a new and flexible approach to helping our students recover credit. We will be using the Apex Learning Online Credit Recovery program. Students will use a “Prescriptive Pathway” which will focus specifically on the areas where they didn’t show their learning in this school year. We are hoping that by using this program we will be able to give each student the opportunity to target the concepts that they may have missed this year due to our many challenges and get them back on track. Grades earned through credit recovery will replace F grades on their 20-21 transcript.

We are planning to offer both in-person and online summer school starting on Monday, June 7th. For students who attend summer school on the SFIS campus, they will be assigned to a learning lab with a small cohort of students and a trained proctor to assist them in working with the credit recovery program. Online students will have to work at home or another place with a WiFi connection. They will have the opportunity to connect virtually with a teacher of record should they need support.

All students, both in-person and online, will start their program on June 7th. How long they will take to finish their program will depend on how many courses they need to complete, as well as how much work they put into the program per day. If students do not complete their credit recovery program by July 16th, they will be given the opportunity to continue their programs once the school year restarts, although this may impact their ability to move up a grade and will limit course options in their schedules.

We recognize that students may also be burnt out on online learning. The expectation in the high school is that students pass Math and English in order to move on to the next grade level. If more online classes do not seem like a worthwhile or healthy option for your student this summer, we would be happy to discuss what repeating the grade level would look like in order to give them a chance to repeat the courses with the benefit of in-person instruction.
Additionally, should your student wish to complete summer school in their home district, that is also an option. Please plan to provide SFIS with documentation of courses passed in other summer school programs so that we can update transcripts and course registrations.

Details will be forthcoming about summer transportation and the possibility of students dorming while they are on campus doing credit recovery. We appreciate your patience as we carefully plan summer school and reopening the campus. We don’t have a playbook on pandemic summer school. As we have said many times this year - we are building the plane while we fly it! Please be assured that if your students return to campus it will be with rigorous safety precautions in place.

Please complete the following survey in the link to let us know your plans for your student. Please remember that on-campus instruction and students living in the dorms are contingent upon approval from the Superintendent under the direction of the Board of Trustees.

If you have any questions, please contact HS Assistant Principal Bridget Love at 505-795-0611.

Schedule:  Students will attend in-person (if offered) or virtually from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday - Friday. Bus transportation, breakfast, and lunch are provided for on-campus instruction.

Cost: There will be no charge for summer.

Courses offered: English and Math, Senior Credit Recovery by individual need