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Right now we are in the process of bringing in a professional Event here to the Pueblo Pavilion on September 22, 2012.  We also have Amateur Events planned for November 10th and March 23rd.  We presently do not have any of our former boxers boxing professionally, however we do have approximately 6 of our boxers ready to get into the Amateur ring. 


The original SFIS Boxing program was started by Jeff Trujillo over 15 years ago, producing excellent boxers. Boxing has since gained popularity through exposure to students via the Educational Activities Center (EAC) and is a safe and regulated activity due to the use of safety gear.

Boxing students today are viewed as some of the most dedicated young women and men in any sport on campus, and boxers train approximately eight months out of the school year.

In the 2010-2011 year, for the first time, the Boxing Club hosted amateur bouts on the SFIS campus. “The Night of the Braves” boxing event was held at the Francis Abeyta Gym and was made possible due to the great support of SFIS administration, including Louise Naranjo, Director of Student Living Programs, Pancho Guardiola, Director of Human Resources, and Superintendent Chavez.

The Program is always looking for ways to get better. Although we are a club, we only allow students from the Santa Fe Indian School to participate in the program. Boxers are trained by Patrick Holmes, a professional trainer and promoter, and work closely with Coach Joe Calabaza.

For more information on Boxing at SFIS, please contact Coach Joe Calabaza.

NIGHT OF THE BRAVE 3: Boxing @Pueblo Pavilion