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Santa Fe Indian School



To be considered for a position at SFIS High School or Middle School, a full application must be submitted, including the following:

  • Entrance exam: Offered from February through March of each year, or as needed;
  • Application forms: Click HERE to download the application;
  • Application required documents: current unofficial transcripts for the High School applicant, updated report card for the Middle School applicant, NMSBA test scores, affidavit of birth/baptismal certificate, Social Security card, Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB), updated immunization records, physical exam (*All physicals can be done anytime after April 1st for athletes only, for non-athletes, physicals can be submitted after January), Guardianship paper (if applicable), Travel waiver (for all Hopi, Navajo and out-of-state students);
  • Letters of recommendation: Two letters of recommendation are required. One should be completed by school faculty personnel (Math, Reading, Language Arts teacher, for example). One letter of recommendation should be from a community or tribal member (not related to the applicant).

Please note that falsification or withholding of any information in this application will be grounds for non-acceptance or immediate dismissal of your child.

For questions, please contact the Director of Admissions, Ms. Karen Dasheno or the Admissions Assistant, Ms. Leona Chavez.

Santa Fe Indian School
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