Santa Fe Indian School


The Office of Admissions assists parents and students with changes and updates to their students’ enrollment status'. 


Parents must contact the Office of Admissions to update their contact information in NASIS. To ensure parents receive notifications from the school, it is important that addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are current.


A parent/guardian requesting a change to the enrollment status of their student, from dorm to day or day to dorm status, must submit a written request to the Office of Admissions indicating the type of status change. Approval for a status change is dependent on the availability of space either in the dorm or on the bus. Upon approval of a status change from dorm to day status, the Admissions Director will inform the Transportation Coordinator of the change. The Transportation Coordinator will contact the parent informing them of availability and will provide all transportation documentation. Upon approval of a status change from day student to dorm student, the Admissions Director will inform the parent and Student Living Director of the change. The Student Living Director will contact the parent and arrange for the student to move into the dormitory.


A student who needs to withdraw from school or transfer to another school must have their parent/guardian start the withdrawal process by completing a withdrawal form at the Office of Admissions. The withdrawal process takes several hours to complete. Each of the student’s teachers must sign the withdrawal form acknowledging the student has turned in all books and SFIS property that is issued to the student. Students are expected to pay for books, school materials, or SFIS property issued that is lost or damaged. All outstanding fees must be paid with cash, a money order, or online at A student’s transcript will not be released until all fees are paid in full.


It is the intention of SFIS to remain a neutral party in parental disputes concerning the care or custody of a student. To do this, SFIS relies on legal documentation from a court of appropriate jurisdiction to determine who has parental authority to make decisions regarding the education, health, safety and welfare of a child. All legal documentations, such as court orders, guardianship judgements and restraining orders, must be submitted to the Office of Admissions to be placed in the student’s file.


SFIS is firmly committed to maintaining confidentiality concerning student information. This means that SFIS staff will only disclose student information within the school on a “need to know” basis and in compliance with applicable federal law. If a parent/guardian objects to the school disclosing directory or other information about their student to groups as outlined in the policy, please notify the Admissions Office immediately.


SFIS may disclose certain information, known as Directory Information, without written consent unless a parent/guardian informs the school of their wish not to disclose. Directory Information is information generally not considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if published. Pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Partnership for Success Handbook 61 (“FERPA”) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g), SFIS may use directory information for the following school purposes: the annual yearbook, honor roll or other recognition lists, promotion and/or graduation programs, and program or sports activity lists. SFIS has identified the following as directory information: - Student’s name - Participation in officially recognized school activity or sport - Photograph - Awards, Honors or Special Recognitions - Grade level Because SFIS receives federal funding under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), the school must disclose students’ directory information, addresses, and telephone listings to military recruiters upon their request unless a parent/guardian has advised in writing that the school not disclose them. If you object to the school disclosing directory information about your student as outlined in the policy, please notify the Admissions Office to fill out a FERPA Opt-Out Form.


Parents or guardians who wish to make any changes to their students’ checkout list must submit a written request to the Office of Admissions. Changes can be made at Admissions, Academic Offices and the Student Living Programs. Only individuals 21 years and older, who are authorized on a student’s checkout form, can check out students from the academic and residential programs. Only 6 individuals are allowed on the NASIS program checkout list.