Santa Fe Indian School


Registration for SY 2022-2023


2022-2023 Registration window closes Friday, Sept. 30. Login to your NASIS Parent Portal to complete student information and upload required documents. If you need your logins please email or call Admissions at 989-6370. Documents needed: insurance card, COVID vaccination card, immunization record, physical (for all students). If you are unsure if your student’s registration is complete, please call Admissions. Your help to complete the registrations that were due 8-26-22 is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Alissa Chavez Lowe, Admissions Director and Leona Chavez, Admissions Assistant.


Registration for the school year 2022-2023 is online through our NASIS Parent Portal.

Registration is open for students who received notification of acceptance for enrollment to the Santa Fe Indian School and our returning students.

Prepare for your student’s Online Registration (OLR) by:

1.) Collecting the documents you will need to upload to your student’s registration:

a.) Insurance (Medicaid, private insurance)

i.) If you utilize IHS and do not have either of the above insurances, please notify the Admissions Department.

b.) Physical

i.) If you do not have a current physical, make an appointment immediately and notify Admissions of your pending appointment. If possible, please use SFIS’ Annual Physical form, "Annual Physical Exam & Clearance for Physical Activity Form" (click the link to download)

c.) Immunization Record

d.) COVID Vaccination Card

2.) Be sure you can access the SFIS-NASIS Parent Portal. If you forgot your username and/or need your password reset, email to request that information.

3.) Parents who do not yet have a NASIS Parent Portal account will need to contact to request an Activation Key and instructions for setting up an account.

4.) IMPORTANT NOTICE: When completing your student’s registration please click “Save/Continue” after completing each section. This ensures your registration information is saved. If you click “Next” instead of “Save/Continue” you risk your information not being saved. Uploading of documents will be easiest if they are pdf files rather than picture files. However, some picture uploads may work depending on the size of the file.

a.) If you need help uploading your documents you can email them to or or, you can call us at 505-989-6370 for assistance by phone.

 Creating PDF files on your iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you use your notes app to scan documents to upload to OLR, here's a short video on how to create pdfs using the Notes app: Create PDF using Notes App (iPhone)

Creating PDF files on your Android phone

Scan and create a PDF document on an Android Device
1.) Open your Google Drive app (Google Drive icon).
2.) In the bottom right, tap Add (+).
3.) Tap Scan (camera icon).
4.) Tap button to take a photo of the document you’d like to scan, tap OK. If this is the only page of your document, tap Save. If you have another page for the same document, tap the add icon at the bottom of the page (looks like two documents on top of each other with a cross in the center). After all documents have been added, tap Save. You will be given the option to save your document to whichever file you choose in your Google Drive. Tap, Save.


For questions, please contact the Director of Admissions, Alissa Chavez Lowe, or, the Admissions Assistant, Leona Chavez at