Santa Fe Indian School

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Student Proctors

What is a Proctor?

Dorm Proctors enhance the dorm experience by providing and promoting leadership opportunities for students. Proctors assume responsibilities on their appointed floors and take on minor supervisory roles. Proctors assist with the development of a healthy and fun living and learning environment rooted in our Native traditions.

Building community, developing student leaders, mediating conflicts, recruiting future leaders, advocating student rights, and acting in a manner that serves as an example to the greater student body by caring for others signify what it means to be a Proctor who gives back to the SFIS community.

Proctor Role

Proctors are an important extension of the High School Student Living Program. They are under the direct supervision of their respective floor’s Student Living Advisor, and overall supervised by the Proctor Coordinator and the Student Living Program Director. Proctors are outgoing students with honor, character, and strong interpersonal organization, communication and team skills.

The following are Proctor qualifications:

  • Proctors must be dorm students in good academic standing
  • Proctors must be either a junior or senior student during the year in which they are serving
  • Proctors should be in good standing with SR&R and Student Living Administration
  • Proctors must not be on strict probation or on in-dorm or activity restriction, etc.


Proctors are selected towards the end of the school year. The Proctor’s year begins a few days prior to New Student Orientation, during which Proctors learn how to run team-building activities, build rapport with each other and their peers, become certified in CPR, learn about how to work positively with their peers, and develop additional skills in anticipation of their work for the year. Follow-up includes monthly training activities.

At New Student Orientation, Proctors receive valuable insight and training on how to work with students. Each year, Proctors work well to fulfill Student Living expectations of their roles and to implement their team-building training with their peers. Proctors are visible at Orientation and work well to help new students and to share their enthusiasm about SFIS.