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Late Bus Schedule

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South Route Evening Bus

North Route Evening Bus

The late bus will run Monday through Thursday departing campus at 6 pm from the MST (Math, Science, Technology) Building located at the High School Academics. 

The purpose of the late bus is to provide transportation for students involved with after school academics, study hall, school clubs, and athletics. It is not intended to stay to watch sports, hang-out with friends, be at EAC, or enter the dormitories. These activities are considered misuse and will result in consequences. 

Student Responsibility:

Must have a late bus contract Transportation Forms SY20-21 on file. - Students will be allowed a 3 day grace period to have a contract on file with transportation department.   

Student staying for study hall/turtoring/ or club activities must sign in with the after school monitor located the the library on each day the students stays afterschool. 

Day students staying for Athletics must be at practice. 

Students are highly encouraged to communicate with their parents if they are staying after-school.

Day students are not allowed in the dormitories. 

Students who have missed the late bus will have to contact family to be picked up.