Santa Fe Indian School

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Daily Schedule

High School Dorm Daily Schedule

Monday to Friday Daily Schedule
Updated September 2, 2014
5:15 AM Early wake-up call (Put in request with staff). Early morning runs must be cleared and arranged with floor staff and coaching staff.
6:30 AM First wake-up call.

7:30 AM
7:45 AM

Room Checks.
Breakfast Begins.

8:00 AM

Dorms close. All Students head to class.

8:45 AM Classes begin.
2:44 PM

Fitness Fridays with various physical, team building, wellness and stress relief workshops.

3:30 PM

Dorms open - Snacks in Rotunda (Monday thru Thursday).
Dorm check-in: Students check in with floors before all other activities.
On Fridays: Weekend check-out begins - Self Check-out to Railrunner.

3:45 PM Mondays and Tuesdays: Open Activities, Off Campus Day (on Tuesday for HS) and Sports Practices.
Wednesdays and Thursdays: HS Study Hall and Sports Practices.
5:30 PM Dinner at Dining Hall.
No food orders after 5:00PM. Deliveries are not permitted after 6:00PM.
Free Time for personal activities. 
6PM to 7PM Curfew Check varies by season. EAC Open Recreation (Monday to Thursday) and Sports Practices.
7PM to 830PM Mondays and Tuesdays: HS Study Hall and Sports Practices.
Wednesdays: Evening Learning Program Classes and Sports Practices.
Thursdays: Open Activities, Dorm Olympics and Special Events
9PM to 10PM Dorm Meetings, dorm cleaning duties, room cleaning, showers. Extra study time or down time.    
10:00PM Bedchecks and lights out. All students in own rooms. Quiet time.    

*Times are subject to change due to seasonal changes. Middle School schedule may be slightly different.
Note: Curfew in the evenings varies according to the time the sun sets. In an effort to reflect Pueblo community values and teachings, we expect students to be indoors before it is dark outside.