Santa Fe Indian School

Student Wellness

Farm to School

Our vision for the SFIS Farm to School program is to build outdoor experiential learning spaces that are rooted in the agricultural practices of Pueblo and Southwestern tribal peoples, to increase food sovereignty and self-sufficiency of our school community and to increase local food production and procurement for our school use.


SFIS Farm to School Presentation: 

 Santa Fe Indian School Farm-To-School Program Presentation_.pdf

Middle School Garden Expansion:

  • The expansion of additional land use will allow us to continue in the agricultural education programming for our Middle School students. This programming has been a collaborative effort between FoodCorps, different school departments such as Student Wellness– Farm to School Program, Middle School CBE and Special Education classes, Food Services and Facilities Dept. The staff from all these different departments have been key supporters of this project and have provided labor and sharing of their technical skills and cultural knowledge with our students. 
  •  The proposed lot of land is located across the road directly north of the MS Academic building, and measures 130 x 60 square feet. This area needs work by clearing out of any major rocks, shrubs and leveling off the land to get the field prepared for the upcoming planting season in the Spring of 2022.