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Fall 2023 Sessions with College and Career Plaza

College and Career Plaza is thrilled to support the Santa Fe Indian School's "Brave Graduates" professional development program for students and families. This fall, we will be providing a series of 6 evening presentations featuring various aspects of college and career readiness for students and their families. 


CCP: Site Coordinator, Summer Romero,

Summer grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is excited to be returning to her hometown for work. During college, she worked as a tutor and spent her summers teaching at a local nonprofit. She graduated from the University of Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Growing up as a first generation student, Summer often had questions relating to applying to college and was grateful for the help she received from different teachers/programs. This has inspired her to pursue a career in college access and provide support to students who are beginning to navigate a confusing and exciting time in their lives. When she is not working, Summer enjoys spending time with her dogs, hanging out with her friends or going to local coffee shops.
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Fall 2023 Sessions with College & Career Plaza

September 18th: Summer Romero and Howard Humetewa: The Rationale for College. 

Overview: CCP will go over some of the factors students and families should consider when deciding whether or not to continue their education after high school. Discuss the ways that college is different from High School to Demystify college.

Upcoming events: 

10/2 Holistic Admission Approach With Whitman College: Click here to watch the video from the session.

Overview: An admissions representative from Whitman College will join students and families to go over the parts of the common application. They will define a holistic admission approach and how admissions officers evaluate applications based on this approach.

10/16  How to Choose the Right School for You

Overview: CCP will go over factors students and families should consider when deciding which schools to apply to.We will discuss factors such as affordability, location, and academic programs offered. We will also go over the different ways in which colleges are defined (e.g Private vs public, liberal arts vs pre-professional programs)

11/13 Scholarships!

Overview: CCP will discuss the importance of scholarships in general as well as understanding/knowing how to navigate scholarship sites, how to scholarship map, and how to start applying for scholarships. There will be a focus on Native Specific Scholarships that students can apply to.

 11/27 Financial Aid and FAFSA.   Video from the session

Overview: CCP will answer the question “What is FAFSA?,”. Parents will be invited to attend this event in person so that they can create their FSA ID for FAFSA. CCP will also give information on the opportunity scholarship and how it makes College a more affordable option for families.

1/15/24 Career Panel variety.  Video from the session

  • Oscar Rodriguez, New Mexico Finance Authority
  • Tina Harte, SFIS Speech Language Pathologist
  • Regis Pecos Leadership Institute Co-Director


 Types of colleges, ACT/SAT and College Admissions during Covid

 Career Panel Variety: STEM, Law & Education. 

 NM Lottery & How to read your financial aid award letter

Past sessions with video links: 

 FAFSA walkthrough; Scholarship mapping 

 Mock interviews, professionalism, building relationships & resumes 

 College Sports with Trevor Merhege and Adrianne Tenorio

 "How to read a financial aid award letter" with Alicia Naranjo, NNMC

 New Mexico Lottery and FAFSA with Josh Rysanek, NMSU

 Resume/Cover letter with Cassandra Casperson 



 Internship (LANL)

  SFIS Scholarship Day/FAFSA

  SAT/ACT Test Workshop 

  College Admissions & Applications Overview

  Types of Colleges (Dine College & Highland University)

 College Athletes

 UNM-Registering for College Orientation

 Transition to College and Beyond