Santa Fe Indian School



What is the student fee at SFIS?

The student fee is $25 per semester, and there are two semesters for a total of $50 for the academic year. For more than one child, the cost is reduced. For example, Child 1 is $50, Child 2 is $25, Child 3 is $10, and Child 4 is free.

When can I submit an application?

Applications are accepted starting in November for the following school year.

When are entrance exams held?

Entrance exams are offered from February through April of each year, or as needed.

What is on the entrance exam?

The entrance exam includes a computer-based Math, Language Arts assessment, and a composition for which students write an essay or letter of interest to attend SFIS.

How long until admissions decisions are made?

Once testing is completed and full application is submitted, review and selection takes one month.  
Only completed application are reviewed.

What are the requirements to apply to SFIS?

The required documentation is listed on our Process and Deadlines page. They are:

  • Current and unofficial transcripts for high school applicants
  • Achievement test scores (NMSBA)
  • Affidavit of Birth/Baptismal Certificate
  • Updated report card for mid school applicants
  • Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB)
  • Updated Immunization records
  • Physical examination (*All physicals can be done anytime after April 1st for athletes only, for non-athletes, physicals can be submitted after January)
  • Guardianship paper (if applicable)
  • Travel waiver (for all Hopi, Navajo and out-of-state students)
  • 3 Letters of recommendations - 2 letters from Teachers 1 from Counselor

What are the requirements for acceptance?

A student must take an entrance exam, complete the full application, and all requirements must be submitted.

How do you change status from day student to dorm student (and vice versa)?

All requests for changes of status must come through the Admissions Office. For status change from day to dorm student, determination will be made based on space, availability. For dorm to day changes, determination will be made based on transportation.

What are the graduation requirements?

In order to graduate, a student must complete 24 credits. Students are also assigned middle school and high school academic counselors, and students are required to meet with these counselors in order to map their academic pathways until graduation.

What kinds of sports do you offer?


How do I visit the campus?

All prospective students and/or their families must contact the Superintendent’s Office, which will refer them to the appropriate Department (i.e. mid school, high school, dorm, etc)

What electives do you offer?

Please contact the mid school and/or high school departments to request information on Academics or see the Academics page

Are students allowed off campus?

Mid School students are not allowed off campus.
High School does go off-campus but each case varies. Please contact Student Living for information.
What is the blood quantum requirement for applicants?

Following federal guidelines, the requirement is 1/4 Indian Blood from a recognized tribe.