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Superintendent Welcome

Dear Students, Staff, Parents, and Communities,

 First and foremost, I want to say how honored and deeply privileged I am to be appointed Superintendent of Santa Fe Indian School.  For those of you who may not know me, my roots run deep at our beautiful school.

 I am a Pueblo woman who has always dreamt of leading our school. I graduated from Santa Fe Indian School in 1992 and the University of New Mexico in 2010 with an undergraduate degree in Secondary Education. In 2017, I returned to the University of New Mexico and completed a Master’s Degree in Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies in Indian Education. I recently returned to UNM to complete a licensure program in Educational Leadership in preparation for a school administrative role.

 As your Superintendent I would like to share my educational philosophy. I believe that every student is a valued member of our school and home communities. Santa Fe Indian School will continue to provide learning opportunities that allow students to explore, investigate, and build relationships through Experiential, Community-based, and Service Learning projects that bridge our school and communities. As we prepare for another school year I encourage you to spend time with your families, set goals for the school year, and place your thoughts and prayers into a successful school year.

 We are returning to in-person learning! After many conversations with teachers, administrators, parents, Board of Trustees, and Governors, we will open our doors in August. We recognize the need to return to school and have begun preparing for your return. The school has placed hand washing stations in buildings, hand sanitizer dispensers in classrooms, plexiglass sneeze and cough barriers at desks, as well as providing many other preventive measures for your safety.

 This upcoming school year is one like no other. We are all returning from months of stay-home orders, Tribal restrictions, and being isolated from family and friends. We need to remain vigilant in practicing SFIS COVID Safe Practices at all times. 

 As your Superintendent, I am here to serve all of you. It is my priority to address the social and emotional distress that has resulted from our experiences dealing with COVID 19. If any of you need additional support as we return to school, please let our staff know. We are family, and we are stronger together. 



Superintendent Christie Abeyta