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Strategic Planning

SY2018-19 Strategic Planning Overview

Prior to 2009, SFIS did Master Planning on a 5-year cycle that corresponded with preparation for accreditation renewal. From 2009-11, SFIS went through an extensive Strategic Planning process. While the intensity of the 2009-11 process is indicated on a 20-year cycle, the current Strategic Planning process is necessary on a shorter (5-7 year) cycle. This plan is based on three phases, each with a clear, but interrelated purpose:

Phase One: Who We Are (November-December, 2018) – Re-Affirming, through personal stories, the origin and philosophical underpinnings of taking tribal control of Santa Fe Indian School to ground ourselves in the SFIS tradition.

  1. Phase Two: Where We Are Now (January - April, 2019)  – Based upon who we are (Phase One), identify and analyze data – both quantitative and qualitative – to understand where we are today.
  2. Phase Three: Where do We Go Next and How do We Get There? May-June, 2019) – Based upon who and where we are (Phases One and Two), gather stakeholder input on data-informed best next steps to inform a strategic action plan for the next 5 – 7 years, which will be monitored through continuous school improvement.

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