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Santa Fe Indian School Pueblo Education Network Project

Background Introduction

Santa Fe Indian School invites and welcomes proposals for a project supported by the NTIA grant. The bid proposal is being requested for approximately 304 miles, 3,550,2011’ of materials to support the project. This RFP is for a portion of the materials and there will be additional requests for the remaining OSP requirements. Based on your previous work experience, your firm has been selected to receive this RFP.

Scope of Services

This is a request for materials only, including taxes as applicable and shipping. Professional services are not required. Shipping to SFIS may be required, or staged at the vendor warehouse or location. Completion of Non-Taxable Certificate may be required, as SFIS is a tax-exempt organization for equipment and materials. 87105 area code

Time and Submission of Proposals

Proposals must be submitted to the IT Department Tuesday, November 1, 2022. Proposals should be
e-mailed to Bryan Schalipp at and Kimball Sekaquaptewa at no later than 2 PM MST. Direct questions to Bryan Schalipp up to the time of proposal due date.

Proposals will be reviewed by the IT department and will select the winning proposal by the end of day of Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022.


Materials are requested to be delivered as soon as possible also noting the lead time for the materials. Project projected starting time is late 2023 with the availability to begin receiving materials in late December of 2022.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposal’s will be evaluated by overall price and historical experience working with SFIS. Other key factors will consideration to lead times, and ability to lock-in pricing a term (15 days) to allow for purchase order processing, which SFIS acknowledges is difficult given international supply chain issues. The project may be awarded partially by CATEGORY or in full.

Elements of Proposal

Bidders will provide quotes broken out in the following CATEGORIES: Conduit, Fiber Distribution Panel, Fiber Optic Cable, Handholes, Marker Posts, Building Entrance, and Communication Shelter, including shipping charges per category. Please also include lead times for materials. The categories, description, and quantities follow:




Qty Needed

Category 1: Conduit


1.25" SDR 11 HDPE



Category 2: Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber Optic Cable

288f SM FO cable, Part # LWSE-288-9-C-72-4-00N1D



Category 3: Handholes


24x36x36 HH Storage Vault Polymer Oldcastle, 243636PCT22




30x48x36 HH Storage Vault, polymer Oldcastle, 30481472 2 PIECE COVER, T22