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Parent Concern Process

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We encourage parents to resolve any issues or concerns at the point of origin. If a parent feels that resolution was unsatisfactory or unresolved they may do the following:

Step 1: Parent/Community Liaison

Contact the Parent/Community Liaison in the Office of Planning and Evaluation to complete a Parent Concern Form. The Liaison will communicate with the Principal, Director, and/or Coordinator on behalf of the parent to set a meeting.

Step 2: Program Administrator/Staff member/Parent

The Program Administrator will establish a meeting between the parent and teacher/staff member to resolve the concern.

Step 3: Program Administrator/Parent

Should the concern remain unresolved, the Program Administrator will meet with the parent to resolve the concern.

Step 4: Superintendent

If the concern remains unresolved, the parent may request a meeting with the Superintendent. The Superintendent may request the presence of the student rights and responsibilities coordinator and any additional staff to assist in the resolution. Upon resolution, the Parent/Community Liaison will be informed to bring closure to the process.