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Health Center

We have a number of students with chronic health issues.  I want our students to be proactive consumers of health care and to know what their various health conditions are and how to best manage them.  A number of students with asthma don’t understand exactly what asthma is and  what might make it better or worse. Some think they can’t play and run with their friends or be on sports teams.  With proper management a student with asthma can do anything he or she wants to do safely. When health conditions are properly managed, the student has fewer, or ideally, no symptoms or episodes and is able to be in class, healthy and ready to learn.

—Linda Hummingbird, SFIS School Nurse

The goal of the SFIS Health Center is to provide competent, compassionate and age-appropriate health care to students by knowledgeable health providers who specialize in the unique field of adolescent school health. Healthy students learn better.

SFIS Health CenterIn a welcoming, comfortable and private atmosphere, students are assisted in being physically, emotionally, spiritually and nutritionally able to actively participate in their education. School based health care enables students to access services easily. Each office visit involves health education with an emphasis on prevention. We hope that students will use this teaching to be proactive about managing their health care needs. Students are also always encouraged to seek health care and health care advice from traditional sources in their own communities as well

Working closely with our School Doctor, Daniel Coles, M.D., in addition to providing primary care to students with chronic conditions such as diabetes, ADHD, and obesity, Health Center staff responds to a variety of health issues such as

  • Comprehensive sexuality and reproductive health, including abstinence counseling
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Mental Health Concerns
  • Eating Disorders  
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Disease Prevention
  • Support to Pregnant and Parenting Students
  • Asthma and allergies

Two full-time PED licensed professional school nurses handle an average of 3500 office visits each school year, excluding daily medications and screenings.  Invaluable support is provided by a multi-disciplinary team of Indian Health Services (IHS) providers including pediatricians, a psychologist, a certified nurse midwife, and a child/adolescent psychiatrist.