Santa Fe Indian School

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Dormitory Schedule

The following transportation is available for dorm students only. 

Parents will need to call by Thursday evening by 6pm to put their Student's name on the list with their drop-off location.

Please contact the student's Student Living Advisor or Residential Advisor either at the High School Student Living or Middle School Student Living Program.

Bus Schedules

Bernalillo & IPCC Bus Schedule

TAOS Bus Schedule

Mid School Dorm Phone Numbers:

1st Floor Boys:  989-6329                      2nd Floor Boys:  989-6344

1st Floor Girls:  989-6314                      2nd Floor Girls:  989-6317

High School Dorm Phone Numbers:

1st Floor Males:   989-6364                     1st Floor Females:   989-6361

2nd Floor Males:  989-6365                    2nd Floor Females:  989-6362

3rd Floor Males:  989-6366                     3rd Floor Females:  989-6363