Santa Fe Indian School

About SFIS

Director of Human Resources

Pancho Guardiola is the Director of Human Resources at SFIS. He holds a B.A. in Physical Education and a Minor in Spanish from New Mexico Highlands University, a Master’s in Reading K-12, and an Administrator’s Endorsement from the University of New Mexico. Prior to arriving at SFIS, Mr. Guardiola accumulated a series of teaching and high level administrative positions in academic institutions. He served as a reading specialist for six years, physical education teacher for a year.  He has served as an administrator for 27 years: athletic director (4 years, mid school principal (2 years), high school principal (5 years), director of insruction (2 years), assistant superintendent (3 years), superintendent (7 years), human resources director (4 years).  In addition to the above, Mr. Guardiola also coached varsity basketball at Dulce High School for five years.  Mr. Guardiola has been with Santa Fe Indian School for six years; 2 years as athletic director and 4 years as human resources director.  In his current capacity as HR Director, Mr. Guardiola oversees the preparation of salary schedules and contracts, oversees and interprets the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual to include updating and revising the handbook, ensures teachers meet their requirements including teaching licenses, verification of experience, verification of credit hours and degrees and background checks. As HR Director, he is also responsible for advocating for employees. Mr. Guardiola also serves as the school’s benefits officer; insurance enrollments, payroll deductions and working closely with Payroll regarding this process.

Pancho GuardiolaWith a strong educator and administrative background, as well as a personal sense of rootedness in New Mexico, Mr. Guardiola is also a former college athlete who enjoys  watching athletic events. Other hobbies include physical fitness and interest in classic cars, especially the vintage "1969 Chevelle  SS". Linked with a regimen of discipline, commitment, perseverance, and "failure is not an option attitude", Mr. Guardiola attributes success to hard work, qualities of excellence, honesty, courage to do what is right and not what is most popular.  Having had the experience of almost losing his son to cancer 25 years ago,has taught him not to take life for granted.  His son has been in remission and is doing well, he is now 30 years old. 

With the abundance of experience and versatility, Mr. Guardiola stands ready to serve and to honor.  His favorite addage "Give me a fish and I will eat for day, teach me to fish and I will eat for a lifetime."  Go forth and prosper!