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SFIS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Center

As schools, students, families, and communities experience closures due to the coronavirus, SFIS is committed to providing ongoing guidance and resources as we sort through this unprecedented situation together. The most current guidance and resources are provided below.

The amount of news coverage and information on the COVID-19 is overwhelming. For objective health information, please consider focusing on a few credible sources. We recommend that educators and families monitor the New Mexico Department of Health and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

If you have questions about the coronavirus, please call the New Mexico Department of Health Coronavirus Hotline1-855-600-3453

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SFIS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Center


February 19, 2021: Official Press Release- SFIS to Remain Distance Learning 

December 14, 2020: Official Press Release- SFIS to Remain Distance Learning 3rd Quarter

September 28, 2020: Superintendent's Letter- Continued Distance Learning 

September 15, 2020: Superintendent's Letter- Food and Nutrition Services for all SFIS students 

September 14, 2020: Fall Sports Announcement 

July 23, 2020: Superintendent's Letter to SFIS Student and Parents Regarding School Year 2020-2021

May 5 , 2020: Superintendent's Letter to SFIS Students 

April 3, 2020: Superintendent's Letter to All SFIS Students 

March 30, 2020: Superintendent's Letter - Campus Closure and Continuous Learning Enrichment Plan

March 12, 2020: Superintendent's Letter - SFIS: School Closure due to Health and Safety Precautions

March 4, 2020: BIE Coronavirus (COVID-19) Letter to Parents and School Leaders

March 2, 2020: Superintendent's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Release



August 20, 2020: Middle School Distance Learning Orientation Video

August 20, 2020: High School Distance Learning Orientation Videos

August 20, 2020: Middle School Academics Distance Learning Handbook 

August 18, 2020: High School Academics Distance Learning Handbook 

August 25, 2020: High School Academics Distance Learning Handbook, with amended Attendance Information

April 22, 2020: Middles School 7th and 8th Grade Unit Projects

April 9, 2020: Middle School Academics Continuous Learning and Enrichment Opportunities

April 8, 2020: High School Academics Continuous Learning and Enrichment Opportunities 

March 24, 2020: Middle School Academics School Closure Frequently Answered Questions

March 24, 2020: High School Academics School Closure Frequently Answered Questions

March 23, 2020: Update - SFIS Continued Learning Enrichment Plan During School Closure



February 19, 2021: Annoucement from SFIS Athletic Director 

December 14, 2020: Annoucment from SFIS Athletic Director 

October 8, 2020: Update Fall Sports 2020 NMAA Announcement 

October 1, 2020: Fall Athletics Announcement 

September 14, 2020: Fall Sports Announcement 

July 23, 2020: Fall Athletics Update 

March 30, 2020: Questions and Answers with NMAA Executive Director Sally Marquez

March 27, 2020: From the NMAA "With the closure extending through the end of the school year, per the Secretary of Education and affirmed by the NMAA Board of Directors, spring sports, State Spirit and activities are cancelled. "

March 13, 2020:  The New Mexico Activities Association and its Board of Directors has postponed the State Spirit Championships and suspended all activity programs and spring athletic programs until further notice.  This includes practices as well as contests/events.  The State Basketball Championships will continue with final games being played tomorrow. 

March 13, 2020:  We are working to move games and track meets around to find the best solution to preserving the Spring Sports Seasons.  


Information Technology (IT)

Technical Support


  • Students should submit help tickets on their own.
  • Students should first call 505.989.6377 with their device in front of them.
  • If there is no answer, the student must text or email and INCLUDE A PHONE NUMBER
  • Students must watch for IT outreach by call, text, or e-mail at sfisonline to set up a support call.
  • Students should have their device in front of them at the time of the call to best resolve an issue.

General Information

  • Technical Support is provided to students and staff 10am to 5pm Monday – Friday. 
  • E-mail:
  • Text: for a call back. Include your name and phone number.
  • Call:     The IT Office (505) 989-6377
  • For help with SFIS Online Password Changes: Brian Valinski: 505-659-7997
  • For help with NASIS Password Changes: William Pacheco: 505-670-6194

September 4, 2020: Tribal Wi-Fi Locator

August 17, 2020: Distance Learning Technology Update

March 18, 2020: NM Internet Service Provider Offerings

March 18, 2020: Chromebooks/PC Deliveries Today



March 01, 2021: EBT Benefits Frequently Asked Questions 

February 26, 2021: Pandemic- EBT Benifits 

November 17, 2020: Important P-EBT Update 

April 2, 2020: Updated Wellness Programs During School Closure 

March 18, 2020: Wellness Programs during School Closure

During these challenging times it is important we all take a few minutes to stop and reflect on how best to take care of each other and ourselves. Here are two articles that can help support your mental health and help you know how to help children and adolescents during this health crisis situation.


Student Living

May 20, 2020: Updated Student Belongings Community Drop Off List 

May 20, 2020: Student Belongings Community Drop Off List

May 13, 2020: Letter to Families on Student Living Belongings 

March 31, 2020: High Student Living Director's Letter Home 

March 25, 2020: Please note that the Middle School and High School Student Living Staff organized your belongings and will keep them safe until the campus re-opens.  Until then , if you have any questions contact the Student Living Directors.  


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