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Education Development

The Santa Fe Indian School Educational Development Department oversees the strategic planning that feeds into continuous school improvement, particularly in the areas of curriculum and professional development.  The curriculum clarifies what students will know and be able to do, starting with a Native foundation.  Our students come to us with everything they need to be successful in our program – at their core, they are respectful and caring and have a desire to help others.  Anyone walking through our campus or stopping in a classroom or at the dormitory will find that in our students and see it supported by our staff.  It is this foundation upon which the SFIS curriculum builds and develops.

When given an opportunity to delve into the education standards set by the state, including the Common Core State Standards, tribal leaders consistently say those standards are important, but that they are the bare minimum of what Native students must learn.  Therefore, the SFIS curricular work addresses the New Mexico and Common Core State Standards.  However, we also: 1) Address ten elements (critical areas identified by Pueblos and aligned to other Native communities) and core values common to most native communities; 2) Include aspects of community-based education; and 3) Have a unique Health and Wellness agenda.  These, when coupled with the standards, more fully articulate what SFIS students must know and be able to do.  The professional development, then, for the adults on campus, focuses on helping academic, student living, and other staff to know and be able to teach the standards, community-based education, and/or health and wellness – depending upon their roles at SFIS.  By working together, teams of teachers, student living, and other staff are participating in “embedded” professional development, where everyone is sharing their expertise and all are learning from each other in order to provide the best education for students. 

Santa Fe Indian School Leadership Institute (LI) is connected to the Educational Development Department to ensure the implementation and development of new engagement initiatives that build upon the LI goal to support leadership development for students and staff through programming that focuses on mentorship, networks, and community service through critical thinking and action.

More information can be obtained by calling the Educational Development Director, Dr. Anya Dozier Enos, at 505-989-6312 or sending an email to  For Leadership Institute, contact Dr. Carnell Chosa at 505-989-6303 or