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The support departments at Santa Fe Indian School (SFIS) play an essential role in ensuring the school's smooth operation and continuous improvement.

Human Resources (HR) department recruits and retains qualified staff, fosters a positive work environment, and manages employee benefits.

Facilities Department maintains the school’s infrastructure, ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment.

Information Technology (IT) department provides technological support and resources, enhancing the digital learning experience.

Leadership Institute provides sustainable opportunities for the appreciation of the uniqueness of Indigenous cultures.

Security ensures a safe campus for all, while the Transportation department manages student transport needs.

Student Rights & Responsibilities department upholds the school’s code of conduct, promoting a respectful and disciplined community.

Finance department oversees budgeting and financial planning, ensuring fiscal responsibility.

Education Development department focuses on curriculum enhancement and teacher training, while Continuous School Improvement aims to advance the quality of education through strategic planning.

Trust Land Management is responsible for managing the school’s land resources sustainably.

Finally, the Office of the Superintendent provides overall leadership and direction, ensuring that SFIS fulfills its mission and vision and remains true to the SFIS Core Values. Together, these departments support the educational and operational excellence of Santa Fe Indian School.