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Infinite Campus/NASIS Parent Portal Information

Santa Fe Indian School uses Infinite Campus/NASIS for student information management. Infinite Campus has developed a Parent Portal to allow parents/guardians to view the records of their child(ren) via the Internet. Santa Fe Indian School will provide parents/guardians of currently enrolled students the privilege of free access to the Parent Portal. Only parent/guardians of students enrolled in the school will be allowed access to the Parent Portal due to the abuse of the portal, court orders or any other legal proceedings that limit the availability of federally protected information and or data.


Santa Fe Indian School has opened the Parent Portal to enhance communication between the school and parents/guardians. Enhancing communication among all stakeholders is one of our goals. Users of the Parent Portal will have access to the following:

  •          Personal Data
  •          Attendance
  •          View/Print student schedules
  •          Grade book and assignments
  •          View/Print progress reports

Santa Fe Indian School reserves the right to add to or remove any of the above functions from the Parent Portal at any time.


Access to the Parent Portal on the SFIS system is a privilege, not a right. Users of the Parent Portal are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1.        Users will act in a responsible, legal, and ethical manner.
  2.        Users will not attempt to harm or destroy data on the school network.
  3.        Users will not attempt to access data or any other account owned by another user.
  4.        Users will not use the Parent Portal for any illegal activity, or including violation of data privacy laws.      Anyone found to be in violation of these laws may be subject to civil and or criminal prosecution.
  5.        Users who identify security problems with the Parent Portal must notify William Pacheco, the Infinite Campus/NASIS systems administrator at SFIS, at 505-989-6308 or
  6.        Users will not share their password with anyone, including their own children.
  7.        Users will not set their own computer to automatically log-in to the Parent Portal.
  8.        Users identified as a security risk to the Parent Portal or Santa Fe Indian School’s network will be denied access to the Parent Portal.


Three unsuccessful login attempts will disable the user’s Portal account. In order to reactivate, the user will need to return to Santa Fe Indian School to present proper identification and receive password reset. (Resetting the password may take 2-3 days.)

User will automatically be logged off if the Portal web browser is open and inactive for a period of time.

All attempts at logging into the system are recorded and monitored.


There are times when there will be a need to shut down the Parent Portal for maintenance purposes. Santa Fe Indian School is not liable for any issues related to your personal computer and reserves the right to refuse technical assistance directly related to your personal computer.

System Requirements – Computer: Processor 486 running at 66MHZ; Pentium recommended

Window 98 0r Newer Operating System – 16MB Memory or greater – 45 MB of disk space or greater

Internet Connection: 56K or faster

Monitor: The Parent Portal is best viewed with resolution of 800 x 600 or greater


Data posted on the Parent Portal will vary based on the school your child attends. It is our goal to maintain accurate records; therefore, if you detect a discrepancy, please notify William Pacheco at 505-989-6308 or

Personal Data – Personal data is typically updated within one week of student registration. The volume of changes collected during fall registration may delay updates beyond one week. Contact the Office of Admissions if there is incorrect information displayed.

Attendance Data – Santa Fe Indian School records attendance every period. Contact the school’s attendance clerk if you feel there’s an incorrect entry. (High School – Paul Herrera, 505-989-6327 or; Mid School – Trevor Merhege, 505-216-7413 or

Class Assignments – Class assignments and scores can be viewed once teachers have entered them in Infinite Campus. Student scores are an approximate grade at a specific point in time.

Progress Reporting – Progress report grades will be posted three times during the semester (approximately every 4.5 weeks). Semester grades will be posted at the end of each semester.