Santa Fe Indian School


Middle School

Principal's Welcome

Welcome, all Middle School students and parents, to the Santa Fe Indian School!

Our Middle School is separate from the High School and stands out due to its excellent record of academic achievement and school behavior, while at the same time conscientiously preparing our students for success in high school through developing of good study skills. At SFIS, our Middle School program is carefully focused on middle school-aged students and their unique developmental needs, and our goal as educators is to bring relevance and rigor to the curriculum for our students. Academically, we focus heavily on Reading and Math and have had great success in creating in and out-of-school interventions around these core subject areas that have markedly improved our students’ scores—1-½ year gains in Math and 2-year gains in Reading.

In and out of the classroom, we work diligently on student behavior. We take a team-based approach towards working with students, and we have caring faculty and staff who are heavily invested in the well-being of our students and committed to ensuring that students experience enrichment and success. Exemplifying this collaborative approach are the 7th and 8th grade Teams responsible for instructional leadership at the Middle School. Our devoted teams discuss student data, review and envision programs, and dialogue on how to innovate our curriculum. Complementing our faculty in this effort are student class officers, resulting in participatory input by our faculty, staff and students to create our school goals together. Results of these school-wide initiatives have shown success not only in testing scores, but also in attendance and positive student attitudes towards school.

As an outcome of the SFIS Strategic Planning, we have launched advanced courses, such as Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Advanced Reading and Language Arts courses and are also expanding our electives to include Computer Skills, Spanish, Physical Education and Health. We are looking at ways we can increase the number and types of elective courses we can offer.  We believe that the Middle School is a showcase of talent, which offers unique academic and social experiences for students and their families.

At the Middle School, we are concerned with the whole student, and we want to nurture student academic, intellectual, extracurricular and community success. We are also committed to our core values here at the Middle School (caring, giving back and respect) and have a wonderful staff that reminds our students to bring to school what they have been taught at home. It is our ultimate goal to create a Middle School Academy that holds high those expectations but is also rooted in Native cultural values, like respect, and is fully owned by students who work alongside educators and community members to take care of our school, which is a very special place.

The Residential Program offers a safe and rewarding experience for all our students.  The Residential Staff takes pride in offering opportunities for students to learn many skills during their stay.  We offer evening study hall, evening classes and opportunities for students to participate in extra curriculum activities.

Thank you, and again, welcome to the Middle School!

Larkin Vigil,
Middle School Principal and Residential Director